Overhead door closers are the most common, and they’re widely used throughout commercial properties. For example, interior doors within offices, like conference doors, are typically affixed with a door closer that automatically closes the door. Additionally, commercial front doors are also installed with a closer unit, and overhead units are a popular choice.

Door closers have the following requirements:

Grade 1: 2,000,000 cycles at 60% efficiency

Grade 2: 1,000,000 cycles at 60% efficiency

Grade 3: 500,000 cycles at 50% efficiency

Making the Right Choice

As a building manager or owner, all this can be overwhelming. It’s essential to first consider building codes and traffic requirements before looking at the different aesthetic options. The wrong type can lead to the closer needing replacement in a short-period of time and also could lead to fines. As mentioned earlier, it’s essential to choose ANSI Grade 1 closers for high volume doors. If you have a small interior office, Grade 2 door closers are acceptable and for closets, Grade 3 closers will work fine.

Once the grade requirement is met, energy efficiency and aesthetics can be taken into account. Exterior facing doors that will not be used for shipments could be left open far longer than needed leading to larger energy bills. Conversely, doors that automatically close too quickly that are used for shipments could lead to a productivity decline and later a demand that a different closer be used. The application of each door will change the type of closer needed. One way to mitigate this potential problem would be to discuss the needs of each door with someone who would be working in the area.


Overhead Door Closers

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