Types of extruded kerbs 

1. High containment kerbs

Also known as trief or titan kerbs, these are bigger than normal kerbs, usually around 450 mm in height and can weigh nearly a quarter of a tonne. Their purpose is to prevent traffic leaving the carriageway and are used on dangerous curves, for pedestrian islands, and to protect footpaths or equipment.

2. Bus stop kerbs

These are specially designed kerbs used at bus stops to ease passenger access. They can include a tactile feature such as a rumble strip so that the bus driver is able to assess and minimise the gap between kerb and bus door without risk of making contact with the tyres against the kerb.

3. Kerb-drain systems

These are hollowed-out with gaping inlets on the face. Road surface water falls into the internal ‘chamber’ or ‘pipe’ and is directed to the storm water drainage system or a SUDS facility.

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